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The ECOFS Concept has been developed by Howard Choy (Cai Hong).

Howard ChoyHoward Choy

is a charismatic teacher, he is a practicing architect as well as a China trained Feng Shui Master. His surname Choy (Cai) belongs to a long line of descendants from King Wen of Zhou (1152-1056 BC), the founder of the Zhou Dynasty. He was educated at first in China and then in Australia (B.Sc and B.Arch). With increasing demand for his expertise outside of Australia, he moved to Berlin where he works as a Feng Shui architect, consultant and teacher. With his Chinese background and his experience as an architect he has a unique approach to teach Feng Shui.

With the ability to read original Chinese documents Howard has been able to study the classical principles directly from the sources. Many of these documents are not translated into any other languages. This has given ECOFS a valuable direct link to the traditional theories of Metaphysics.

The European College of Feng Shui has been offering Master Class Training in its premises in Berlin and advanced seminars all over the world. The increasing demand for training came to the point where also basic training according to the ECOFS Concept is needed.

Gunilla Lindgren

Gunilla Lindgren

has together with Howard developed a practical introduction program for Finland according to the ECOFS Concept. She has a background in the music business administration. In parallel with the daily work she has been studying Feng Shui for 30 years, and has been able to use her Feng Shui skills in the administrative change management of the music business. When she retired from the multinational projects, she has been developing training courses for companies and private persons, and acts as a trainer and a consultant.

The ECOFS Finland training program will give basic knowledge about Feng Shui for all-day use and for further studies at the Berlin ECOFS Center.